Cleanroom/controlled area

Cleanroom/controlled area for plastics & injection moulding

WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Reinraum Sauberraum

Our cleanroom equipment conforms to ISO 14644 Class 7 and is certified to GMP C. The cleanroom is an isolated room designed specifically for manufacturing medical devices. Superfine dust particles can be prevented from entering thanks to the constant positive pressure. It goes without saying that temperature, positive pressure and humidity are constantly monitored.

The controlled area is the stage before the cleanroom. It is equipped with a dedicated ventilation system featuring a high-grade filtration unit. This is how we ensure the continuously clean and safe production of plastic parts for the medical technology sector. The assembly of medical components in our cleanroom/controlled area is also entirely feasible. Our processes are validated.

WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Reinraum Sauberraum

Range of products and services

  • Manufacture of products on highly modern, 1+2 component injection moulding machines.
  • The systems are equipped with 6-axis robots for part handling.
  • Internally developed special machines for the automated feeding of inserts, incl. camera detection, are in use.
  • The use of a transfer system allows further automated test and processing steps.

3D laser marking under cleanroom conditions is possible.

Our machines facilitate a precise and clean installation of medical subassemblies under cleanroom conditions.

  • Packaging of medical parts in hard and soft blisters is possible
  • Packaging of medical technology and pharmaceutical products in customer-specific hard or soft blisters
  • Sealing the blisters with Tyvek or other medical papers
  • Customized labeling
  • Contractual sterilization of wages
  • Ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Parametric batch release
Peter Ragusa, WAREMA Kunststofftechnik

It is always fun to implement new customer projects with my dedicated team in our modern clean room with constantly growing quality requirements.

Peter Ragusa, WAREMA Kunststofftechnik
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