WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Maschinenbau Sondermaschinen

Special machines

Development and production of special machines

WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Maschinenbau Sondermaschinen

A wealth of specialist knowledge paired with creativity is our secret to success for special machines, which we design and build to meet your requirements. In the process, we ensure precision, outstanding quality and optimised operation. Drawing on years of expertise, our specialist engineers consider every single aspect in the development of your special machine (automation, gripper technology, punching technology, etc.)


WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Maschinenbau Sondermaschinen

Range of products and services

Simultaneous embossing of differing profiles at all frame corners, e.g. for insect screen, wing shutter and other profile frames

  • Removal of plastic parts for single and multi-tools
  • Thermal deburring of plastic parts
  • Clamping devices for buffing and grinding operations
  • Robot removal systems with virtual inspection and tray assembly

For separating the sprues of plastic injection moulded parts. Depending on the part and sprue geometry, flush separation with small burr is possible. It is advisable to take this topic into account when designing the injection moulding tool.

  • Cutting with pneumatic wire cutters
  • Positioning aids / contour bearing surfaces
  • Two-hand operation
  • Pneumatic safety control

The machine can be used to clean hot-stamped plastic parts and sharpen the film contour by removing excess film. It is also possible to pre-clean components in order to improve the quality when finishing surfaces. The machine is designed on the basis of customer-specific needs.

  • Cabin with doors monitored by safety switches and locked
  • CO2 control with safety sensors
  • Safety PLC (higher-level control)
  • Part holders, interchangeable
  • Cleaning nozzles / adjustable alignment
  • Ionising bar / electrostatic discharge of the parts to be cleaned
  • Positioning of the cleaning nozzles / moved by multi-axis robot
  • Cleaning can be contour-dependent
  • Integrated suction

Hot caulking achieves a permanent connection of plastic parts. The geometric design of the components is decisive for the quality of the connection. WAREMA is happy to provide support in this area. In addition to standard punch geometries, special shapes can are also be implemented. Component feeding is possible via a rotary indexing table as well as via a rotary transfer system.

  • Production cell with locked doors
  • Component feeding via rotary indexing table
  • Two-hand operation
  • Safety control
  • Contour-bound part holders, exchangeable
  • Hot caulking head with individual and adjustable hot caulking units, exchangeable
  • Label inspection with scanner
  • Label printer
  • Integrated formula management

The inspection of a label is becoming increasingly important in automated processes. It is carried out with a scanner. Depending on the installation position and lighting, not only the content, but also the quality can be checked. The label inspection unit allows the inspection to be integrated into existing machines. The data connection to an existing control system is possible via IOs, Profinet or Ethernet.

  • Scanner with integrated illumination
  • Part scanning (integrated in existing contour bearing surfaces)
  • PLC: communication, evaluation, formula management
  • Control cabinet

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No matter what you need and expect from a machine: we meet your requirements to your fullest satisfaction and ensure optimised and smooth operation


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