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Our quality standard


Simply comes natural to us

Developing high-quality and customer-oriented solutions is our daily ambition. Cooperating with us will be characterised by a process and product quality at a consistently high level. For us this is the rule, not the exception, it is something that every one of our employees has internalised.


We have a reputation of delivering high quality, which is guaranteed across the entire process chain. Our commitment to offering excellence in all areas makes us a powerful partner for plastic part and subassemblies.

Outstanding quality and innovation

Every product leaving our plant is of the highest quality and some products have even been awarded.


WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Awards

Everything from a single source

From the idea to the implementation and development of concepts to final production and delivery – our dedicated team of specialist engineers will support you throughout the entire product process. Our continuous goal is to ensure efficient and effective processes for our customers.


WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Qualitätsanspruch Entwicklung


Everything starts with a detailed consultation. Do you need help creating a concept or do you already have a specific idea? Our team of seasoned experts will be happy to assist you with any queries or concerns.

WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Qualität in der Entwicklung


As an expert in the development of plastic parts, our team knows exactly which material, which tool technology and which process technology are required to fully meet your requirements. We will be happy to assist you in developing an optimised production concept.

WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Qualitätsanspruch ProduktionWAREMA Kunststofftechnik Qualitätsanspruch Produktion


Once the development phase has been completed successfully, your order is ready to be produced at our locations in Germany or Hungary. Our highly automated machines always guarantee precise results, no matter which material is used.

The use of diverse measuring and test processes starts in the prototype phase and accompanies a product through all phases of the development process, as well as during the entire series production phase. Our customers benefit not only from guaranteed quality standards, but also from the immense in-house expertise we are able to offer in this sector.

We carry out all tests and measurements exactly to our customers' guidelines and specifications, pass on certain requirements to our service providers and suppliers in advance and record the results in detailed test reports.

WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Qualitätsanspruch Logistik


Our automated warehousing processes ensure effective storage of your goods until they are finally delivered to you. 

Deliveries abroad are no problem for our specially trained staff. We will be happy to provide information on customs regulations and to handle customs clearance for you, allowing you to concentrate on what is important.

WAREMA Kunststofftechnik Alles aus einer Hand

Always available:

Our Quality Management

We know that you do not only expect a high-quality product, but also precision as well as an attractive look and feel. To ensure this, our quality management team pays attention to even the smallest detail to ensure continuous optimisation of the production process. This is how we make sure that the final product lives up to your expectations.

Certified quality

Making sure you only get the best from us.


At WAREMA, we do not only strive to achieve the highest possible quality for products, but for the entire process. No matter whether we work in a value-adding or non-value-adding sector – we always aim for an efficient and effective process for our customers.


Sebastian Oppel, WAREMA Kunststofftechnik
Quality Management
Sebastian Oppel
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