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WAREMA extends development capacities in medical technology business unit


WAREMA Kunststofftechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH has invested in its development capacities, increasing staff levels by 25 percent and acquiring new software tools to make the development process more cost- and time-efficient. These changes have boosted the company’s expertise in complex plastic components and made outsourcing parts development to WAREMA even more attractive for customers.

Experience and state-of-the-art tools ensure outstanding development quality

WAREMA has more than 20 years of experience in developing and producing products for medical use, including identifying suitable plastics and analysing their feasibility. Our specialists’ expertise in mould design, mechanical engineering and injection moulding enables us to meet the highest quality requirements and makes WAREMA a reliable full-service provider. Well-known customers around the globe rely on this expertise.

WAREMA now uses ANSYS 2021 R1, finite element method (FEM) software that simulates individual components and subassemblies. When testing the feasibility of plastic components, we use this software to calculate strength based on known material parameters, load cases and contact conditions. These simulations help identify critical load cases and/or component deformations early on, enabling us to adjust the tools as necessary before production starts. The FEM simulation makes components more reliable and significantly reduces time and costs, as later changes to the tool would be much more expensive and take more time.

CADMOULD software enables WAREMA to calculate and optimise injection mould processes. It simulates the filling phase with pressure distribution, temperatures, flow rates, weld lines and clamping forces. CADMOULD can also be used to calculate the holding-pressure phase including pressure distribution, temperatures, volumetric shrinkage and edge layers. Simulating stress states and temperatures after demoulding, analysing wall thicknesses and providing access to a comprehensive materials database, CADMOULD is a valuable tool for developing high-grade plastic products.

Learn more about our diverse range of services for medical plastic components here.

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